Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bridal Garter

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Bridal Garter

28th Jul 2014

The moment you have chosen your wedding dress, you need to start searching for all those essential accessories that suit it. Among other important things, you need to choose your lingerie, such as the bridal garter for the first wedding dress fitting.   

Since garters are the topic today, here are the following tips to choosing bridal garters:

  • Measure your own thigh and get the garter that looks that it is designed to fit you. Choose the size in which the measurement of your leg is around the middle area. If it is too large, it will certainly fall off, and if it is too tight, it will be very uncomfortable.

  • When selecting your bridal garter, always pick the one that you like most. If you really like the undergarment, there is more likelihood that you may use it again whether for some fun or simply to feel stunning.

  • For maximum comfort, go for the garter that has been designed in such a way that the elastic is covered by a ribbon or fabric as this will prevent the garter from rubbing.

  • There is a possibility that you have to show your bridal garter for photos or even in selected people, so put it on your best leg.

  • Do not wear the garter way too high, or it could rub on your inner thigh. Alternatively, do not wear this piece of lingerie way too low for it may slip off.

  • Put the garter slightly just above the knee, on your leg that you find the most comfortable.

  • If you are sure to toss the garter, then be careful when taking it off. Ultimately, you wish to save the surprise and excitement of your lingerie for your husband and not the guests.

  • If you want, you may use the wedding garter to stitch your something new, blue and old on to.

  • Garters make the perfect keepsake, most especially if they come in a pretty box or bag. Additionally they are amazing pieces of lingerie to borrow to friends on their big day. You may select materials that match with your wedding gown. They are special so do not overlook the value of a bridal garter on your wedding day. The right one can make you feel like the most beautiful bride as it gives you a feeling of being sexy and there is that hint of secrecy to get your heart beating faster. Your husband will be just as excited to see it on your wedding night.