Top 3 Reasons Why Babydoll Lingerie is So Popular

Top 3 Reasons Why Babydoll Lingerie is So Popular

7th May 2014

Babydoll lingerie has evolved over several decades into what it is today: one of the hottest and most popular items ever when it comes to women’s intimate apparel. But what is it that makes babydolls so well-liked and attractive to both women and men? It’s actually three things: accessibility, charm, and sexual appeal.



One of the reasons why babydoll lingerie is so well-loved by women is because of its ability to elegantly complement the female form, no matter the shape or size.

There may be several styles of babydoll lingerie, but they all revolve around the basic design itself, which is excellent for covering up the belly area while flaunting the cleavage. Depending on the length of the babydoll, you can choose a style that either shows off your legs or cover them up.

No matter what style you choose, it’s always easy to find a design that can provide a flattering look for your body. It used to be that only slim women can wear babydoll lingerie; nowadays, even women with fuller figures can pick and choose from several plus size babydolls that are widely available either online or in popular lingerie stores.

Sexual Appeal

There’s simply no denying the sexual appeal of babydoll lingerie. Even men who wouldn’t be caught dead inside a women’s store can be seen lining up to buy babydolls for their wives and girlfriends.

They come in sheer fabrics like silk, nylon, chiffon, and satin, allowing your partner to get a good idea of what’s waiting underneath. Babydolls often come with matching panties, or you can opt for styles that totally expose the bottom and breasts if you so desire.

You can find an extensive selection of colors and styles that can cater to almost every woman’s sense of fashion and eroticism.

Do you want to appear as the cute, sweet girl? An array of pastel colors and patterns await you. If a demonstration of cheeky raunchiness is more to your liking, then red and black colors are your friend.

While you’re at it, why don’t you try on some hot pink, leopard prints, and polka dots as well?


The overall design of babydoll lingerie revolves around the idea of innocent, playful charm that’s so suggestive of childlike qualities. The actual “babydoll” term came from a 1956 film with the same name, which starred Carroll Baker. The actress wore this lingerie item in the movie, which garnered widespread attention and acceptance by the public.

The first babydoll, as worn in the movie, was nothing more than a simple negligee with a short hemline (about 6 inches above the knee). Over the years, it evolved from a simple sleepwear garment into one of the hottest lingerie styles in the market today.

The cutesy appearance of babydoll lingerie, combined with its obviously sensual nature, has developed an intriguing and titillating combination that has enthralled both the wearer and the looker.